Life after College

They say the best years of your life are the years spent in college.. and they are correct about that! “Adulting” as we say it is just a shorter word for doing normal things like paying bills, doing your own laundry and working a 9-5 job. College ends and adulting begins, some might find this new change to be exciting while others dread it. I have always worked my whole life so I jumped into the adult life pretty easy. You can’t stay up until 2:30 am or drink more than a glass of wine on a weekday without feeling regret in the morning. I am here now to give some tips on how to survive the early years of becoming an adult right out of college.

  1. GO TO BED BEFORE 11:00 AM~ I kid you not this will save you from a long day of work the next morning.
  2. Meal Prep~ I found out early on that going to lunch with co-workers everyday becomes expensive and bringing a lunch saves you more money for the weekend.
  3. Workout in the morning ~ It may seem dreadful at first but it gives you so much more energy for the day
  4. Read a book or 10 ~ Reading helped me feel more sophisticated and let me expand my education after college
  5. Ask a lot of questions ~ this is something I am very good at ( surprise). The more questions you ask the more you know and it shows initiative!


Adulting isn’t all that bad, you just need to get the hang of it! I’m so excited for this point in my life because the opportunities are endless.


The sad truth

When you are young you think the person your with is the “love of your life” or your “soulmate” but the truth is you don’t actually know that. You grow so much everyday and especially when you are young you are constantly growing into a new person. Sometimes “high school sweethearts” really do last but other times they may have been perfect at the time but had no plans for the future because they were on different pages.

I dated a guy for seven years, yes 7 years. I thought I was going to marry him and we’d live happily ever after but in reality we have been growing apart for years and haven’t even noticed it. I thought the day we broke up that I was dying and that I could not go on anymore and I need him back. After some time apart I realized that this is really what I needed and I was becoming too comfortable with the idea of us together forever that I was not even putting effort into the relationship at all.

I would not say that I regret any of the time spent with him because it made me truly become the person I am today and I could not be more grateful for that.

Here are 5 tips to staying true to yourself after a long-term relationship break-up

1. It isn’t the end of the world, you’ll be okay. (everyone might say this to you and you will not believe them but trust me you will be just fine.

2. Focus on yourself. This can be just doing better in school or getting promoted at your job. I took out my stress by working out and I lost a bunch of weight which made me feel more empowered.

3.  Do not give in. He will try to call/text you eventually and it will probably be when you are the most happy but don’t let him take that happiness from you.

4.Surround yourself with good friends. This is the most important. You never realize how many good friends you have until you are single because when you are in a relationship you are so absurd in that that you forget how much fun you have with friends.

5. Celebrate. Break-ups suck!!!! but celebrate you new found freedom by doing more things and going out with good friends. You;ll find yourself so distracted that you’ll be over him in no time.



As I am approaching my senior year in the next couple of months there is a lot on my mind. What am I gonna do with my future? Where am I going to live? Who will I become? Becoming an adult with real life responsibilities is a tough thing to chew and you never are truly prepared for what is to come.

College prepares you for a lot don’t get me wrong but for example this week has been super stressful for me because I have been applying for a lot of internships and jobs for this summer and there are tons of things I am unsure of like

1. How professional do I have to be through email?

2. How long do I have to wait for a reply from a future employer for me to email them again?

3.How do I tell whether someone is interested in hiring me?

Things like this worry me because I do not know if I am handling it all correctly. I am a very organized person and sometimes maybe look too in-depth to an email because I just want to strive to be the best.

On a positive note, I have heard back from a lot of future employers and have been loving the feedback I have gotten. There are a couple internships I would die of happiness to have receive but I am still trying to play it “cool”

I will keep up the search and when I chose my summer internship I will make a post about it bragging about the lovely company so stay in tune 🙂


Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner and every college student is probably dreaming of their last midterm that stands between them and that wonderful beach or maybe just your own comfy couch, none the less WE ARE EXCITED.

There are a lot of people heading to the Florida beaches this spring break and coming from a point of view of someone who has gone for the last few years there is a lot you probably aren’t ready for. Here is some advice I wish I had received before heading to Panama City Beach for spring break.

1. Use the buddy system- Your mother has probably told you this a million times when you first started going to the movie theatre in the 8th grade but this time it’s for real. The beaches are filled with thousands of random college kids and its inevitable that if you venture off from your friends you will lose them.



2. Bring Snacks- You will absolutely need food when in PCB because you will be constantly drinking alcohol and forgetting to eat. Bringing snacks is the best solution because it’s inexpensive and very convienient. It’s one small thing but it’s crazy to think a lot of people actually forget to bring food.

3. Keep your phone charged- You will most likely be heading to the beach very early everyday and it’s guaranteed that someone in your group will get lost or someone will oversleep and have to meet the rest of the group at the beach and it’s super important you have your phone so you can reach your friend.

4. Drink Water- You’re going to be in the sun. You’re going to drink too much booze. You’re going to dance too much. In other words, you’re going to dehydrate. So drink some water already.

5. 21 is the legal drinking age, don’t forget that- It seems like every year people forget that they are not 21 when in PCB. They feel as they are invincible and that is not the case. Florida’s drinking age is 21. The bartenders, cops and judges won’t forget it… so don’t try ’em.


Waiting for a guy to text you back?

Have you ever liked someone you just started talking to you but they take forever to text back? Well if you answered no, then you are probably lying to yourself. Every girl experiences this world wind of emotions when she first starts talking to a guy.

Here are the five stages every girl goes through waiting for a guy to reply

images-31.  The waiting game – we all have to do it and the worst part of it all is that we don’t know if he’s ignoring us or just working on his perfect body at the gym

2. Girl Talk– this is where you call your friends to ask for reassurance that he isn’t just blowing you off

3.The Obsession– waiting for him to reply is making you crazy. You are thinking about every situation possible about why he has not replied. “maybe he didn’t get my message?” “maybe his grandpa passed away?” “maybe he thought I was ugly?”

4. Hallucinations- this is where you keep adding your own bits and pieces into the story like a girl came over right after you did.

5.Breakdown-you get so sick of waiting for him to reply that you bash him to all of your friends and try to admit to yourself he actually sucks anyways.

In all reality, he probably was just taking a nap because you and him had such a good idea he barely got any sleep.

This post was just a funny post, all girls are not like this.

ps: if you are actually this temperamental about a guy texting you back, relax sis the world is yours




Traveling with style

This year has been an epic year of traveling for me and I picked up a lot of great tips on “airport style”. While traveling to NYC, I met a girl who had an outfit on that was to die for!  While sitting next to her I could not help but stare at her gorgeous shoes and I thought to myself, I usually see the most fabulous outfits at the airport. When I used to travel before I would always bum it and by bumming it I mean sock bun, leggings, long basic t-shirt, and of course converse. I was delighted by the “airport style”  that I wanted to change my look, so here are a few items I have purchased to complete my look.



Tory Burch Flats

  Tory Burch Flats




Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses



T-shirt from TopShop

T-shirt from TopShop


Jeans from H&M

Jeans from H&M

Lip Stick:

Chanel Lipstick

Chanel Lipstick



Picture from my instagram

Being stressed out can take a huge toll on one’s mind and body. Although it is typically a daily occurence for one to be stressed, it can eventually lead to serious problems if you’re not clearing your mind and giving yourself some peace.

Everybody has their own ways of dealing with stress. Here area few of mine:

1. Clean my room/apartment- I don’t know why this is alwaysmy go-to when I am stressed, but it helps me think straight whenever  I have a lot going on in my head

2. Make a cup of tea- Just about any time I begin to feel stressed, I make myself a warm cup of tea with some honey, sit on my bed and relax for about 30 minutes

3. Call someone to talk– Whether it’s your mom, boyfriend, grandma…whoever, sometimes it is good to have a nice conversation with someone you care about

4. Write down things I need to do– I would be lost without my planner. I am a very visual person, so seeing an organized list of things to do helps my brain feel organized too

5. Work out- This is something I used to do a lot more, however this is one of the best ways to put anger or stress into a healthy form of action

6. Watch a movie or TV show– If something is overwhelming me, I take a little break from thinking about it and focus on something else. When I go back to it, the problem doesn’t seem so bad

7. Hang out with my friends/family– This is just another way to get my mind off of the crazy track for awhile. Friends and family can also offer positive advice about certain situations that may be causing me stress

8. Meditation– I recently began meditating and found it extremely calming. I used this website/app to get started-

All in all, there are truly so many different ways to deal with stress and everybody eventually finds their own strategies. Having a peaceful mind is one of the best feelings, so it is important to share with others how they can deal with their stress, too.

What is love?

Love is a word that is tossed around more than anything. We say it all the time but do we even know what it means? Is love the chilling feeling you get when you see the person your with? Is love bringing midol to your girlfriend at 2am because she has cramps? or is love the feeling you get when the person your dating texts you “good morning”? Love is simply how we define it and each individual takes love to a whole new meaning.

Some people are firm believers of the true meaning of “love” and some people don’t believe it exist. I have had a boyfriend for six years so I can define love in numerous ways because of things I have “felt” or have experienced.



My definitions of love is when two people are emotionally and physically involved with each other and can’t seem to see their life without that particular person.  This may not be true everyone but this is always how I’ve seen love to be and if I am being ignorant to all else then so be it because truly ignorance is bliss

Being Thankful

Since Thanksgiving was just around the corner, I figured I would write about the things I am most thankful for. Being away from  home as taught me a lot of life lessons. First being to appreciate the things people do for you. This is huge to me! When you go somewhere not knowing anyone it’s hard to make all new friends. Friends from home are the forced friends your parents make you have because they love their mom or simply  you just grew up with them. Meeting new people has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. You are not forced into friendships in college, you have to have something in common or be apart of the same organization to really get to know them. Lately, I have been very thankful for my friends at SIUe. It might not be the biggest thing they are doing for me but I appreciate it all. I recently had the flu then strep throat then the flu again and my friends were more than nice to me. They would bring me home soup or my favorite lemonade. It’s the littlest things that make me so grateful for them and I could not be more lucky.


My friends at “friends giving”


celebrating my best friends 21st!




Another special someone I am thankful for is my mother and biggest supporter. Some days I want to rip the hair off my head and I could just call her and anything she says puts me into a better mood. My mom always likes to remind me that “Life is all about enjoying the good moment and not dwelling on the bad moments” and then she will say some lame joke that only her and I understand and it becomes all better. Without my mom some days I truly would be lost.

My mom & sister

My mom & sister

A day of pondering

Lately I have been pondering about my future. What do I really want to be in life? What do I see myself doing everyday for the rest of my life? I obviously know I want a PR career but PR has so so many aspects.

When I was a little girl I always thought to myself “I wanna be a teacher”. I would always play these games with my cousins where I was the teacher and they were all my students. I would even go to the extreme of making them report cards and making my parents or my aunts/uncles sign it off.  It’s kind of funny now to think about because at such a young age I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life but now that I am almost 21 years old and a junior in college I have no idea.

Public Relations is awesome in so many different ways. You can do PR for a hospital and have a health aspect or you can do event planning for a wedding or birthday party. It is two different extremes but comes together in other ways which is why it’s so awesome.

I first decided I wanted to do PR when I was sitting in my freshman speech 103 class and our TA talked about the many different aspects of PR. I was easily amused that you can do so much with that degree. It wasn’t until my junior year where I completely got a feel for the major and I can say I finally am happy with what I am doing. I have so much fun in my classes and actually look forward to the days I have class.

The only thing I have not figured out is what aspect of PR I want to embark. After pondering it for a couple days I have been really interested in working for a non-profit organization. It seems very fitting to me and I love what non-profits have to give. I can’t say I am fully set on this idea but hey that’s the best part of pondering…..